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Fortnite Season 5: Sand Tunneling Could Return After Disappearing For Weeks

Fortnite Season 5

Fortnite Season 5 Updates: It has been a few weeks back when Fortnite season 5 Sand Tunneling features has been incapacitated due to some mistake, but it is coming that this week this season will be making a coming back in Iconic Form.

At the start of Fortnight in season 5, a lot of unique and Game-Changing mechanics came to be seen but Sand Tunneling was missing in many seasons.

On December 2, Fortnite season 5 has been started. A new way has been found for the players so that they can roam in the maximum part of the deserts.

Sand Tunneling allowed the players to build a pit under the sand and with a high-speed swim around the pit. Although some of the disturbance was detected when the season started, which allow players to take Sand Tunneling for becoming indestructible.

The epic game decides that they will remove Sand Tunneling from fortnight until they found any solution for the problem, but that took five weeks.

Fortnite Season 5 Updated

Fortnite Season 5

Sand Tunneling will be fixed before the next game is updated: Fortnite v15. 21 this news was shared by Notable Fortnite data Miner ifire monkey.

It was promised in the news that Sand Tunneling would come back before the next update and only after Epic games put the next update a little further on the last minute.

Well, now the Sand Tunneling is coming back and now players can enjoy it with a new edition of this season.

If something is coming up with such a plan that now ‘Sand Tunneling’ will be brought back, then it is part of the biweekly Wednesday updates.

It is heard that Fortnite season will end by March 15, and thus for 2 months, players are given a full chance to enjoy playing Sand Tunneling, without any forecast issue. It was very disappointing for 5 weeks that there was no news how long Sand Tunneling will take to be fixed.

But now it is a matter of happiness that now Epic game has given word that now everything will be running on a fixed schedule and they will release Sand Tunneling in Fortnite v15.21.

There is no doubt that Fortnite took a long time to find a solution to the problem, as it has a serious issue. The player will be now able to make them unbeatable as it gets a ridiculous advantage which will make the game less fun to play for those who legally want to complete it.

How soon Sand Tunneling will come back? it will be a matter of happiness for everyone but it will nicer when the problem that happened earlier is not repeated.

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