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Cyber Shadow: Meet the Man Behind the Game

Cyber Shadow

Cyber Shadow Updates: Cyber Shadow is an upcoming Electronic Head Studios and Yacht Club Games retro platformer that shouldn’t be skipped. This is why it’s so exciting here.

The genre and aesthetics of cyberpunk have seen a renewed interest in the gaming industry. While the controversial Cyberpunk 2077 from CD Project Red is clearly at the forefront of this trend, it’s not the only game in the discussion. There is also a splash of smaller games that attract attention, with titles like Cloud punk and Ghost runner.

The retro-inspired action platformer Cyber Shadow is developed and released by Yacht Club Game in the Mechanical Head Studios. Taking into account the pedigree of the Yacht Club and the nature of the trails of Cyber Shadow, this is no one to miss.

Yacht club games are the smash-hit studio of Shovel Knight for those unfamiliar. Shovel Knight was a resonant success for Kick Starter and an outstanding platformer and was one of the best indie market names.

With current design sensitivities, the game feels authentically classical. The retro-revival masters in Yacht Club Sports, so it’s instantly desirable when you sign up on Cyber Shadow.

Cyber Shadow Developers

Cyber Shadow

Cyber Shadow is, after all, a revitalization of NES-era gameplay, including Shovel Knight. If Yacht Club is able to entertain, the audience will possibly be impressed.

But although both Shovel Knight and Cyber Shadow pay tribute to the platformer of the 1980s, both methods vary. Shovel Knight felt like the merger of influences from Duck Tales and great Castlevania and Super Mario Bros 3. The Game is, by comparison, inspired by one source: Ninja Gaiden.

Ninja Gaiden was first released on Famicom in 1988 before the West was launched in 1989 and is an infamous complicated, mechanical and unbelievable Tecmo action platform that has produced a huge franchise. The players can use rewind to go around certain of the roughest edges, especially when playing via Nintendo switch online.

The trailers of the game convey a feeling of trust that hopefully will be an excellent title. The action looks smooth, the music sounds astounding, and the pixel art laying is lovely.

Seeing developers clearly understand the classical age is always amazing to picture it beyond the constraints of technological constraints. The Game tends to deliver a classical experience of contemporary sensitivities without restriction on NES while maintaining the spirit of this console.

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