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Mighty Express Season 2: Netflix Release Date & More

Mighty Express Season 2

Mighty Express Season 2 Update: More train adventures await us this February as Mighty Express is all set to come back with a Second Season on Netflix. The show is scheduled to drop the latest set of episodes on February 2nd, 2021. Premiering with its first season on Sep 22nd last year, the pre-school animated series is all about trains and kids, as kids tackle adventure together

Contrary to the expectations, Mighty Express has not quite hit the market just as yet. As it comes from the creators of the superhit Paw Patrol, Netflix had high ambitions with it but the ratings show the opposite.

It is currently rated 4.8/10 on IMDb as many parents are complaining about the language used in the show. It is also being compared to former superior train shows like Thomas & Friends (streamed exclusively now on Netflix US) and Chuggington.

Mighty Express Season 2: Update

Mighty Express Season 2

However, Mighty Express did well with Common Sense Media with scoring a four-star rating. It failed to make an impact on the Netflix Top 10 too. It is reported the series initially performed well in the Netherlands and Denmark but could not cope up in the US or UK.

Apart from streaming on Netflix, the show is run on a committed YouTube channel as well. On YouTube, it has successfully grabbed 21 Million views and hosts full episodes, live streams of the series.

After the first season, a Christmas Special series was also released on Netflix as it is done for many of the platform’s kids’ properties. The special episode was released on 25th December 2020 which saw a new train joining the crew that would help the kids and Santa save Christmas.

Netflix is yet to release any new trailers or promotional videos of the series, but we do know the release date as of February 2nd.

We are also waiting for the latest update and make it immediately available for our viewers.

Let us know what are your favorite parts from the show and what are you looking forward to in the upcoming season in the comments section below.

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