Kevin Feige reveals how She-Hulk differs from other Marvel shows


She-Hulk Updates: Kevin Feige officially unveiled great details about the She-Hulk series, showing how it will be different from other Marvel Disney + shows.

This is in contrast to other Disney + shows released by Marvel, as She-Hulk will have more episodes than WandaVision, which comes in nine episodes. It will also have more episodes than The Falcon and Winter Soldier, which will come in with only six episodes.

While it may seem unusual for each series to include a count of different episodes, Feige explained that each series will end up being six hours long. He commented:

About six hours of content… Sometimes there will be six episodes, sometimes there will be nine episodes, in the case of WandaVision. Sometimes that will be 10 episodes. Basically, you have 10-hour episodes, which is what She-Hulk… will be.

Feige explained that the format of each series will vary depending on the story, which means that some shows will require longer work on each episode and others will be shorter.

Knowing that She-Hulk is an official comedy, a little bit of play time will be played by the series. The working time and expansion of the episode allow the show to tell a lot of little stories that may have been based on Jennifer’s life story in court and her heroes like She-Hulk while building a bitter story.

What Kevin Feige has to say about She-Hulk?


Feige also explained how the benefits of having Marvel Studios show broadcast on Disney + gave them access to network shows, explaining how they were able to do their best in the story without having to meet certain television set guidelines, such as accounting for commercial breaks.

He added that there were many non-technical reasons for the way the story would be told, which came from the limits of network television. However, the Disney + format allowed Feige and Marvel to do the best in each series. He added:

None of that was a factor when it came to broadcast on Disney +, so we simply said, ‘Here’s what we think, here’s how we’d like to do it.’

This means that Marvel has been able to say how many episodes they need and how long they have to be able to tell each story. For example, while longer episodes could work for The Falcon and Winter Soldier, shorter episodes will benefit from the legal comedy structure in She-Hulk’s story.

While we may not be familiar with the She-Hulk plot, we do know that the official hourly comedy structure of this game will be very different from anything Marvel Studios has ever seen before.

Production in She-Hulk is rumored to be in February, with Tatiana Maslany starring Jennifer Walters, alongside Mark Ruffalo as Bruce Banner aka The Hulk and Tim Roth as Eric Blonsky aka Abomination.

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