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WandaVision Episode 1 & 2 Easter Eggs and Much More


WandaVision Updates: Finally the first two episodes of WandaVision have released, and all the major MCU Easter eggs are here.

For a long time, viewers were waiting for some fresh MCU content, because of the coronavirus pandemic even Marvel Studios were forced to reschedule its releases. As we know Phase 4 has officially begun although not as per everybody’s expectations.

Starcast is Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany as Scarlet witch and vision respectively, WandaVision is completely different from anything seen in the MCU to date. In the first two episodes rejoice in that weirdness, is going to great lengths to avoid dropping any major clues.

Apart from all the cases, attentive viewers will do notice a number of major Easter eggs and expand.WandaVision is now the first TV series which was produced by Marvel Studios, which is streaming exclusively on Disney+.

Bewitched Opening: The opening of Wanda Vision’s first episode is a center to bewitched as this is the way how Scarlet Witch uses her power in the MCU tv show with telekinesis who used to look towards the house.

Its development is fun but it was weird to see Wanda working with this degree of precision. As the episodes continue, it gets clear that she isn’t having full control over her power just yet, with dinner with the Hart’s almost going wrong.

WandaVision Easter Eggs


WandaVision’s first episode reveals Vision as an indestructible head, a bit wince-worthy revelation given wasn’t true in the MCU where thanks crushed Vision’s head in order to tear out the mind Stone.

Scarlet Witch is living at once where other people live happily ever after, and suddenly Vision has been reborn with that vulnerability removed. Vision’s other powers corresponded with one of MCU though he has night vision which is an old addition.

Calendar in Wanda Vision’s first episode portrays the story which takes place on the 23rd of August. 238 is an important issue, in that it sees reactivated after an earlier adventure in which he was deactivated after getting passed through a magical energy field.

This may be a gentle warning for everything that is taking place in Wanda Vision exists within a similar reality bubble, and Vision shouldn’t attempt to pass out of it.

Vision’s tie is having an interesting pattern which seems to be a subtle reference to the one he wore in Tom king’s celebrated Vision run, where he made his attempt to start a family and fit in.

As the pattern is one which he wore in that story, it’s been subtly changed. It’s reasonable to assume this pattern as they will turn out to have some higher significance going forward.