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Monstrum 2: Enters Steam Early Acces This Month

Monstrum 2
Monstrum 2

Monstrum 2 Updates: The game will officially drop on 28th January 2021 giving players a build of a game to try out but it will be missing a chunk of final content. You can check out the latest trailer of the game as the game will be out in two weeks.

The game still has a ton of challenges for multiplayer horror-filled fun as you will complete puzzles and help each other out in randomly generated levels that will always keep you guessing
As a prisoner, explore sparrow lock to clear obstacles.

Open new areas, and find beneficial commodities that can help you outwit the monster. Remember that stay out of sight and stay hidden. If spotted, you will enter an intense game of cat and mouse, sliding and vaulting, your way to safety if you hope to overcome the chase.

First-person difficulty adjustment playthrough with the number of players and procedurally generated traps, layouts, rooms, and puzzles no playthrough will be the same!

All About Monstrum 2

Monstrum 2
Monstrum 2

Integrating first-person stealth gameplay with a puzzle first focus on survival horror, players will need to strategize a means of gathering together, rather than confronting the monster head-on.

Crash through climbs on ceilings, walls, leap across distances, or teleport to your pet.

Place locator traps to spoil prisoners and teleport across the map, phase through walls, and take a glimpse through prey’s eyes with the clairvoyance for a hint to where they are hiding. Each with their unique abilities and playstyle.

Each monster leverages the environment in unique ways to entrap exotic players. Revealed in the brand new trailer today, players will be able to terrify their composition with the molluscan: a molluscan, Lovecraftian nightmare.

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