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Monstrum 2 will come to Steam Early Access later this month, open beta next weekend

Monstrum 2

Monstrum 2 Updates: Junkfish has reported an early access release date for its sequel to the survival horror game, Monstrum 2. It is declared that the game is set to come to Steam on January 28th.

Before that, the developers have also announced an open beta which will be taking place on January 23rd and 24th.

In Monstrum 2, a max of four players should cooperate to get away from the bounds of Sparrow Lock. Being a research facility located deep in the sea, the territory isn’t so simple to escape from.

On top of that, the research subjects are not so friendly. Together, players should overcome hurdles and solve puzzles all the while staying away from the beasts that sneak in the passageways.

The game also allows you to play the beats and do the chasing yourself. The early access will permit players to control one of three beasts, each with various capacities to track and assault the island’s inhabitants.

Monstrum 2: Early Access

Monstrum 2

The beast in the trailer is called Malacosm which has the capability to set snares that permit it to transport across maps and use special insight abilities to perceive what the players are seeing to hunt them down. With maps being procedurally produced in each game, neither one of the sides will have the option to learn from maps of previous matches.

It’s difficult to make a game like Monstrum 2 feel like an original idea after the release of countless games of the same genre. Monstrum II falls prey to this problem. It brings the same old thing to the table and has little to bring to the table. This isn’t to imply that that Monstrum II can’t be fun, it simply doesn’t offer a similar degree of quality as other titles of its genre presently do.

The four humans should rebuild a helicopter or submarine by flipping 10 distinct switches before the clock runs out or before they are totally butchered. The map is procedurally created each round so it’s harder for the players to navigate around.

The game’s present status is seriously messed up. The maps are dull and dimly lit making it difficult for players to discover their way to the next force supply. Procedurally produced maps sound like a smart idea, yet the design and absence of lighting cause each map to feel the same. The maps reuse similar resources again and again which further causes each map to feel the same as the last.

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