Max Cloud: Scott Adkins in a sci-fi video game comedy?

Max Cloud
Max Cloud

Max Cloud Updates: Undisputed star Scott Adkins recently was seen in a Martin Owen movie Max Cloud. The star who is known for his work as a Russian prison fighter in the Undisputed series, in a recent interview with the Screen Rant, said, ” I’ve been doing different stuff recently, stuff that’s more comedy leaning.

Only a little bit tough, a bit of a wink and twinkle in the eye, that’s more like my personality.”

The star is looking to expand beyond his niche of action-packed films. He calls himself an easy-going guy and displays his interest to explore the comedy scene a bit more. 

He is said to have chanced upon the script of his latest movie out of the blue. The script was sent to his manager’s office.

After he read it, he was excited to work on a project which was so different from his regular genre of movies. The goal was to keep his fan club happy while exploring something new. Max cloud seems like just the thing. 

All About Max Cloud

Max Cloud
Max Cloud

Max Cloud released on December 18, 2020, on various OTT platforms including Vudu and Redbox. The movie has a simple yet highly engaging plot.

The main protagonist of the cinema Sarah, played by Isabelle Allen gets trapped in her video game; she has to take the help of her friend Cowboy played by Franz Drameh, who is outside in the real world to escape.

In the video game, Sarah embodies Jake played by Elliot James Langridge. He is Max Cloud’s (Scott Adkins) second in command. She has to take Cowboy’s help to win the game or be ready to be trapped in the video game forever. 

The movie has a perfect combination of action and comedy. Some of the action scenes performed by Scott Adkins are mind-blowing. It is not easy to combine comedy with action but the movie seems to have done it effortlessly. 


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