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Brie Larson Says Captain Marvel 2 Director’s Best Choice For MCU Sequel

Captain Marvel 2
Captain Marvel 2

Captain Marvel 2 Updates: Brie Larson says that Nia DaCosta is the perfect person to take on Captain Marvel 2’s directing duties. Duo Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck were directed in first Captain Marvel.

Previous to 2019, Fleck and Boden directed a few small films including It’s kind of Funny Story and Mississipi Grind. On the release of Captain Marvel, it was well known but it was heard that film relies on the origin of the story plot which prevents bringing any new thing to the plot.

Dacosta found that she was in a similar position as compared to Boden And Fleck. She directed two films before she takes on Captain Marvel 2, Tessa Thompson led indie woods and 2021’s highest anticipated Candyman remake.

Due to the pandemic, the release of Candyman shifted which was about yo held in 2020. So finally it will be releasing on August 27.

Why Brie Larson is Excited about Captain Marvel 2?

What Dacosta is up in-store made Larson excited too. The actress appeared on ‘A little late with lily Singh’ spurted about Dacosta taking the role.

Captain Marvel 2
Captain Marvel 2

The presentation of Larson which was made in this film was exciting. She also expects Dacosta’s confidence to be handy while directing such a big film, it’s a huge step for the upcoming director. Larson says that Dacosta is the best role for this job and give hints that she is doing great.

Marvel picks out small directors on big studio films. It also helps them to find fresh perspectives to MCU apart from helping them to find the next upcoming talent.

The potentially formulaic nature of MCU will be reduced by using the same director again and again. A director like Dacosta and Chloe Zhao, who directs this has a wide range of talent. It also helps them to go back to making and writing other features they may not able to make during normal circumstances.

Carol Danvers had a bit rough go since her introduction at the MCU. As marvel has been geared up for the biggest phase ever, Captain Marvel’s role is assured one that could come out the character in the ways they aren’t explored.

The fresh face behind the lenses for Captain Marvel 2 will help the character to take new and great places which are agreed by Larson.