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Sex and the City had a Massive Diversity Problem- Can a Reboot Fix It?

Sex and the City Reboot
Sex and the City Reboot

Sex and the City Reboot Updates: On its acquaintance to the audience, the show Sex and the City has been one of the greatest television dramas on the air.

The show, revolving around the lives of four young women trying to wend their ways into the Big Apple, right away, formed a distinct influence in the viewer’s heart. It is because of the portrayal of realistic topics regarding relationships and sexuality.

Though the significant part of the series showcases the love triangle of the protagonist Carrie Bradshaw yet the amity among the four comrades has also been depicted vividly.

As a positive consequence of this dynamism, the show not only attained adequate fan-following but also successfully released into a couple of movies.

The prospects of a follow-up of the show have aroused dubiety among its audience that makes them ponder if the original enchantment can be renewed.

Besides, there are speculations among the viewers that the diversity issue of the show tends to be sorted out with a newer version.

‘Sex and the City’ had a diversity problem

With the passing time and the introduction of newer versions, the show has unfortunately witnessed criticism that can barely be brushed aside.

The ‘lack of diversity’ issue of the show has been raved about by the audience for a long period. Multiple reputed personalities have taken over to various media to express their discontentment towards the project’s diversity problem.

Sex and the City Reboot
Sex and the City Reboot

The show is set in one of the most diverse nations of the world fails to let its viewers know about the same. One of the casts of the show itself accepts such shortcomings in the series.

Would a reboot fix the diversity problem?

Rumors led to an expectation among the fanbase regarding a reboot of the series. Most of the viewers barely possess any interest in a follow-up.

The show portraying the four women and their better halves all played by white actors is what brings up the audience’s concern about the diversity except for certain side characters such as Charlotte’s adopted daughter and Carrie’s assistant.

Even on the audience’s introduction to a reboot, some alterations are expected. Besides, the revelation about one of the actor’s lack of interest in the follow-up has also arisen a dubiety among the audience sparing them to wonder if the replacement will be a person of color!

In case the show wishes to reappoint its cast, the series will have chances to address major diversity issues. As a consequence, the city of New York can be presented in a much more varied and composite way.

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