American Gods Season 3: Different From Previous Seasons Says Neil Gaiman

American Gods Season 3 Updates: American gods is an American fantasy drama television series. American gods are based on the novel of the same name…

Published: January 9th, 2021 1:23 am | Updated: January 9, 2021 1:23 am

American Gods Season 3 Updates: American gods is an American fantasy drama television series. American gods are based on the novel of the same name by Neil Gaiman.

The series is developed by Bryan Fuller and Michael Green. Bryan Fuller and Michael Green have even served as the showrunner for the first season.

The United States originated series has completed its 2 seasons with a total of 16 episodes and is now all set to make its comeback with another season which is season 3. The series was widely appreciated all around the world which is the reason why it will be having its season 3.

Know About The Cast

The vast characters and reality of characters are one of the reasons for the series’ success. The starring includes Ricky Whittle will be playing Shadow Moon, Ian Mcshane will be playing Mr. Wednesday, Emily Browning will be playing Laura Moon, Crispin Glover will be playing Mr. World, Bruce Langley will be playing Technical Boy, Yetide Badaki will be playing Bilquis, Orlando Jones will be playing Mr. Nancy, Mousa Kraish will be playing Jinn, Omid Abtahi will be playing Salim And Demore Barnes will be playing Mr. Ibis.

Know About The Plot

American Gods Season 3
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The storyline of the series is centered on Shadow moon. Days before his scheduled release from the prison, his wife gets killed in a car accident which is why Shadow gets an early schedule for his wife’s funeral. The problems and troubles on his way it difficult for him to cope up with the situations.

Soon, while attending his wife’s funeral, Shadow meets an unknowingly mysterious man named Mr. Wednesday. He offers Shadow a job which Shadow repeatedly rejects. But further he agrees to perform the job of a driver/assistant/bodyguard for the mysterious man.

The plot is also about the old fearing about the new world formation which will be totally a fruit of technology and gadgets. Shadow comes to a place where magic is real. While Shadow struggles to know the secrets the story moves on.

Neil Gaiman On American Gods Season 3

With an exclusive interview with Radio Times, the producer of the show Neil Gaiman revealed how he thinks of season 3. He described season 3 to be very “different” from the other two seasons. The producer also said that season 3 will be more personal and will be short.

The season 3 will be like if one watches the first episode he will more likely go for the whole season 3. Unlike season 1 and season 2, the story will be more specific and more personal.

The producer also said that season 3 also supports the famous movement “black lives matter”. The words by Neil are enough to show that season 3 will be pretty high on the top series list. Unlike season 2, season 3 will gather more appreciations.

Release And More Updates

The good news for all the fans is that the schedule for the new season has been fixed and season 3 will be airing on 10 January 2021 on amazon prime video.