The Legend of Korra: Amon was right at 5 ways and 5 ways he got what he deserved

The Legend of Korra Updates: The first vital enemy that the avatar has to face in the legend of Korra is Amon a man who asserts to talk on behalf of the non-benders but later it came to know about his true face as a proper tyrant born as noatak to ex blood bender alone in northern water tribe of the ice wastes because of this he does a lot to perfect training main thing is he show huge skill in his father’s profession.

At one time he breaks out with his family and disappears into the snowstorm withdraw from his parents and brother upset what he does in the time he vanishes and arrival in republic city is confusion still the truth stays that Amon is a pleasing leader who knows perfectly how to handle decent peoples as well as the system they plan ob.

The world left beyond by avatar Aang is far more tuneful than the one he assumed in the past as the fire nation colony sag with the defeat of phoenix king oz.

Where The Legend of Korra: Amon was right and wrong

The newly created united republic of the world is proceeding for the personal purpose of making together people who don’t align with any of the 4 nations anyway of their curve capacity by miss, there is no any opportunity in the UNR which give the good source to start His rebellion.

The Legend of Korra

Rebellion and severity often go hand in hand but not always because of freedom there is no necessary to harm or destroy innocent people.

Ignore this basic courtesy when he hit the pro-bending arena during the tournament finals this act ends in a bad way by getting an injury and wilful frenzy on both sides so the council thought to keep the area under lockdown a good decision except for Korra and chief beefing’s meddling.

After Korra’s out of nothing throws him into the sea he rises madly without saying that his makeup had been wiped off in the process ( and the truth that he beds a nozzle to runoff).

This last act by Amon cements him as a proper criminal in everybody’s eyes most of all his once dutiful praise compel him to leave borough in a hasten he takes torrlok with him naughty assert that its time for both of them to start a new which doesn’t sit well with his bro and correctly so after what’s done to him.

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