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Tenet is likely to find fewer takers than many of Nolan’s other films


Tenet Updates: After challenging audiences with a complex plot and story and going beyond the confines of its runtime; Tenet presents the cerebral director with plenty of options for a potential sequel. Though it’s well known that Nolan doesn’t make sequels for his original films,  he steering franchises of massive weight in a no stranger.

In fact, his Dark Knight Trilogy ranks among the most well-received film series by the critics and audience.

Tenet features The Protagonist played by John David Washington, Neil portrayed by Robert Pattinson and Ives by Aaron Taylor-Johnson agree to split the algorithm into pieces and hide them in different places and times.

Neil sets off to fulfill his predestined sacrificial role while,  Kat Barton portrays Elizabeth Debeckil is featured picking up her son from school, where she is nearly assassinated by Priya played by explicit  Dimple Kapadia before John intervenes. These clips provide  Nolan and his team ample creative opportunities for a variety of sequel, prequel, or series concepts.

Sequel: The Protagonist Founds Tenet

The Protagonist, who just saved Kat Barton,  continues to cultivate that relationship while putting in place the institutions which would allow the Tenet operation to succeed. The sequel also reels into Barton’s life post-Sator and her dealings in the high-stakes art business.

In the meanwhile, the Protagonist speculated to begin recruiting: the gentleman who initially recruited him on the ship. So could it be Ives and the operatives from the pincer movement? Or Neil.


A theory emerged speculating Neil’s is Kat Barton’s son.  Whether this headcanon intentionally planned for Nolan. Or is jus5 cam along the course, this could make for an interesting origin story that adds depth and context to the characters of the original film.

Perhaps a change in the relationship status between Neil and John. Perhaps the friendship now takes the form of mentorship in the future, with the Protagonist monitoring  Neil mature until he’s ready to join the fight for humanity.

A Neil-And-Protagonist Prequel

Neil’s appearance seems to be sort of prequel to Tenet and could explore the “adventures”.

An integral part of the world Tenet constructs takes the form of the almighty Algorithm, the doomsday device. Whether Sator and his organizations are the only groups of villains for Neil. And the Protagonist or they have several more in the queue is debatable. But it confirmed that sometime in the future, some scientists created The Algorithm. And invested efforts to dismantle it and hide it across time.

Probably the prequel featuring Neil and the Protagonist serves as a convenient avenue to dig deeper into that story thread.