We Can Be Heroes: Release Date, Cast, Plot and Everything we know

We Can Be Heroes Updates: We Can Be Heroes 2 could happen on Netflix if Robert Rodriguez, the director and writer of the show, gives some interest upon it. We Can Be Heroes aired on Christmas Day and bought Sharkboy and Lavagirl back into the lives of the fans and introducing the new superhero cops to the fans, Sharkboy and Lavagirl’s daughter Guppy.

The producer promised that the movie will more to come out from these heroes. Later on, it wouldn’t clear that whether We Can Be Heroes will hit Netflix in this festive season.

Release date: We Can Be Heroes 

Well, the beloved child superhero movie will return again on Netflix in New Year. We Can Be Hero will get air on Netflix  1st January 2021.

We Can Be Heroes supposed to release in theatres with Sony Pictures and Dimension Films before the streaming giant Netflix acquired the rights to the film.

The shooting of the movie took place at Texas in August 2019. They were so lucky to wrap the shooting of the movie before the global pandemic has arisen. Due to the COVID -19 Pandemic, the production of the movie was shut down worldwide.

Cast: We Can Be Heroes

We Can Be Heroes
We Can Be Heroes

The team management of the movie decided their casting plot already. It has been confirmed that Taylor Dooley is backed as Lavagirl. However, Taylor Lautner wouldn’t be available to play his role due to his busy schedule while the shooting was going on for Sharkboy. J.J. Dashnaw will play the role instead of Lautner.

Along with the above-mentioned stars for the movie, there will be some other stars who will play their roles. The stars for the movie like Priyanka Chopra plays Ms Granada, Christian Slater plays Tech-No, Pedro Pascal Plays Marcus Moreno, Haley Reinhart plays Ms Vox, and so many other will play their roles in the movie.

The Plot: 

We Can Be Heroes movie is based upon 11 young superheroes. After the so many years of adventures the young superheroes, Sharkboy and Lavagirl are now doting parents to Guppy, inherited the power.

When the aliens invaded the Earth and kidnapped the young superheroes parents, they have the responsibility to rescue their parents and save the Earth from the aliens.

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