Actors who can replace Hugh Jackman as Wolverine in X-Men

Just thinking about it makes you sentimental and even hard to admit that actor Hugh Jackman will no longer be Wolverine. With the new FOX and Disney merger now complete, replacement is getting closer every day.

Yes, we know that this seems impossible. But he was the first and only actor to play Logan, and it would be extremely difficult to see someone else replace him. He himself confirmed that Logan (2017) was the last time we saw him in this role because the physical demands were already costing him more.

According to a report from We Got This Covered, Disney + will be working on producing the Logan series, and they are already looking for a new face for the mutant. Here are several actors who can be a great replacement for Hugh Jackman in bringing Wolverine to life.


Zac Efron began his career as a singer and dancer in High School Musical. But over the years, he has shown versatility in acting. From the physique to his undoubted talent. Zac has the ability to play young Logan.

In addition, the actor absorbed many of Jackman’s actions when he starred in “The Greatest Showman.” We’ll see if this comes true.


Scott Eastwood is not a newbie to supers movies, given that we saw him acting in Suicide Squad or action movies like Fast and Furious. And well, Clint Eastwood’s son has that deep, mysterious expression that makes it impossible not to imagine him wearing an X-Men costume.

But this is not just our whim, he made his own suggestions for this role. According to ScreenRant, Scott is eager to return to the world of superheroes, and Wolverine would be a return in style. Scott Eastwood admits the following: “I love Wolverine. He is one of my favorite comic book characters. He is a renegade. Almost like a loose cannon. He doesn’t play by the rules… he’s the kind of character I love.


Richard Madden is not only a pretty face, the protagonist of “The Bodyguard” blends the taciturn and tough appearance to perfection, but deep in his heart he is enthusiastic and knows how to smile. These qualities make him perfect for playing Logan.

For his part, for many people, he will always be Chuck Bass. However, Ed Westwick can melt your heart or scare you. This may be another version of Wolverine, but this does not mean it should be discarded.


We already went well up, but this is because we have confidence in Keanu Reeves. The actor is very famous and even more so after his participation in John Wick. There is no doubt that he can incarnate in Wolverine without a problem.

Reeves has a case similar to Eastwood’s because he publicly expressed his desire to take on this role. According to ScreenRant, he prefers him much more than Batman. The final choice will depend on the type of Logan that Disney is looking for.


For obvious reasons, son James Caan can be an interesting actor. Kane’s toughness and charisma are internal, not subtle at all. Obviously, to play Wolverine, we need an actor who knows how to fill that Jackman void and Scott Caan would be a good fit for the role.

Physically, Caan is a good choice. He is one of the oldest actors on this list (44), but he can maintain the traditional Wolverine blood because he is an experienced veteran in life and in the world.

TRAVIS FIMMEL as Wolverine

After acting as Sir Anduin Lothar in ” Warcraft ” and Ragnar in ” Viking Legends “, we can imagine Travis Femmel looking for work.

After playing a Viking leader and the warrior of Stormwind, perhaps these two roles will further your vision of Wolverine. Thus giving us a version close to the comics of the last ten years, when Logan was a mentor and controls part of his animal appearance.



After playing Ramsey Bolton in “Game of Thrones,” we learn that Iwan Rheon will play the villain of the upcoming Marvel and ABC series in Inhumans. This actor is one of the British talents who can bring us an incomparable quality of acting.

In addition, with his physique, he is closer to the Wolverine of the comics than those we have seen so far. Given his ability to play morally questionable dudes, it shouldn’t be difficult to flip and play Marvel’s excellent little killing machine.

Unfortunately, as we tell it, he already has projects like Marvel’s Inhumans and it seems that they will not allow him to access the character.


Superhero cinemas have been around for a long time. Gyllenhaal is a great actor of his generation, so we can be sure of his ability to embody Wolverine.

First of all, Tom Hardy seems to be a good fit for almost every role in the world. From there, we can’t doubt that it would be an incredible gamble for the role of Wolverine. If we choose the darkest Wolverine and stay true to the comics, everything seems to indicate that it would be one of the best options.

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