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The Midnight Sky review: George Clooney directorial looks gloomy.

The Midnight Sky

The Midnight Sky Update: As per the early reports, The Midnight Sky which premiered on Netflix on December 23 looks like a meaningless drift between space and Earth as George Clooney fails to execute his plans with clarity.

George Clooney’s directorial and starrer The Midnight Sky has received a mixed response from the critics with some of them praising it for its emotional connection, visuals, and score as the film was already released in some limited theatres on 11 December.

George Clooney plays the lead character of Augustine while the younger portions were played by Ethan Peck. The movie also stars Felicity Jones(as Sully), David Oyelowo(as Adewole), Tiffany Boone(Maya), Demián Bichir(Sanchez), Kyle Chandler(Mitchell), Caoilinn Springall(Iris), Sophie Rundle(Jean), and Tim Russ(Mason Mosley).

The Midnight Sky Update

The Midnight Sky
Image Source: The People’s Movies

The storyline of the movie basically revolves around the character of Augustine Lofthouse who is an ambitious scientist who is working hard to locate habitable planets in order expand humanity over there. Humanity seems to be in danger due to contaminated air and the only healthy beings in the movie are present in a spaceship.

George Clooney seems to fight with his ailment in a complete head shaved look with long grey beard as one of the World’s sexiest Man alive is seen too old that his younger portions are played by an actor who nowhere seems to do justice to the role.

The movie seems to be confused as it is set between the emptiness of space and devastated earth. The movie looks gloomy as it only drifts meaninglessly between space and earth except for its spectacular visuals and an elegy to heroism. In terms of production and visual score, it is unfavorable from the previous sci-fi movies.

The movie has got a rating of 5.9 out of 10 as of now. The movie also stays behind due to its pacing issues and fluctuating drama. Only the ambition and emotional tone of the new George Clooney starrer works as the saving grace of the movie.

The film fails to meet its expectations as in a year full of cruelty that has been all about survival, the movie welcomes death with such calmness.

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