The Midnight Sky Trailer Released and George Clooney is alone in the Arctic

The Midnight Sky
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The Midnight Sky Updates: George Clooney’s adventure epic, ‘The Midnight sky’ is going to entertain the people this Christmas.

After having outstanding movies in the world of outer space, George Cooley had never spare any effort in his acting skills such as Steven Soderbergh’s Solaris, and Alfonso Cuaron’s Oscar-winning film, Gravity.

Now, this superhero is again ready to rock in the outer space but now in the director’s chair, now coming up with the adventure, “The Midnight Sky”.

The Midnight Sky Cast

This movie is based on the novel, “Good Morning Midnight” which is written by the author Lily Brooks. This amazing adventure is going to win the hearts of the people by hitting the screens of Netflix. These upcoming hit casts include Clooney, Kyle Chandler, Felicity Jones, Tiffany Boone, David Oyelowo, and Demian Bichir.

The Midnight Sky
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Clooney presents himself to the audience as a cancer-stricken scientist, who prevents the group of astronauts who were returning to earth after a global catastrophe wipes out the planet.

As their probability of death is more as they land on earth. The scientist ventures into the toxic environment to reach the observatory which had enough power to send a communication through the atmosphere, to send a message to the spaceship.

Clooney in an interview with Vanity Fair billed “The Midnight Sky” as Gravity meets The Revenant, this comparison could make sense not only because Gravity star Clooney starring and directing in the film but Mark L. Smith, the screenwriter of ‘The Revenant’ adapted the novel for the screen.

Clooney says that one of the things he learned from working with Alfonso about space is, once you are in the world of antigravity there is no south, north, east, or west because it does not exist in the space, and up is not really up down is not down, so the camera or the character anything can be upside down, and it is also hard to do so because you are rotating the camera constantly. Alfonso did it beautifully.

This adventure is going to fill the screens of Netflix by December 23rd of this year, also this film has a limited theatrical release.

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