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Netflix- The Neighbor Season 2: Review and Ending

The Neighbor Season 2

Netflix’s superhero comedy television series ‘The Neighbor‘ is based on a series of comic books of the name ‘El Vecino’. The show suffers from a very slow beginning and it does pick up later, becoming more plot-driven.

There are many twists and revelations at the end of the season and it also sets up a promising premise for the future. To know what can we expect in the upcoming season of ‘The Neighbor,’ continue reading.

The Neighbor Season 2: Plotline

The Spanish Tv Show is set in Madrid and tells the story of some characters living in the same building in a manner that closely resembles a sitcom.

The main protagonist is Javier who is a lazy man in his twenties who has no direction or motivation in his life. He likes a woman named Lola who is a small-time journalist for a local magazine.

They go on a romantic date on a weekend just to realize that their relationship cannot work. Then there is a crash caused by a flying superhero. The crash knocks both of them away and Lola loses her consciousness due to it.

The Neighbor Season 2-

The flying man introduces himself as the protector and guardian of the cosmos and passes on the baton of that responsibility to Javier.  The superhero then dies and Javier took the superhero’s medallion and an object next to it.

Because of the medallion, he magically gets changed into the red, superhero costume instantly.  Jose learns about  Javier’s superpower after the latter accidentally crashes into his room while trying to enter his.

Also, Lola finds herself struggling to keep her job due to her low online presence until one of her videos captures Javier flying in his costume accidentally.

What is the meaning of The Neighbor Ending?

The Neighbor finale episode shows Lola seems to be determined in her suspicion of Javier being the superhero and wants to find out. There are many hilarious situations as Javier desperately tries to fend her off. But, she finds out about it anyway.

Javier then proceeds to tell Lola about the night of their date when the crash led him to the medallion and the pill-carrying object.

Lola then wonders whether she could be the chosen superhero, and not Javier as she was present at the crash and the holographic video is not addressed to anybody.

Then, Lola consumes one of the pills to find out and goes to the terrace to see if she can fly. Javier thinks that this is not a good idea but Lola starts to fly in a few minutes, indicating that she has the superpower as well.

When does the second season come out?

There are no official reports on when the second season might be, but surely it’s not coming in 2020.