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Top Upcoming Romantic Movies on Netflix in 2020

Romantic Movies on Netflix
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Romantic Movies on Netflix: Though little romance has died between couples during this pandemic, Netflix is all gearing up to bring back romantic classics and fresh romantic genres on the silver screen.

The new year starts with fresh content. While some films transport us to another world to escape reality, here are the top upcoming romantic movies on Netflix in 2020. With unexpected twists and turns, you will surely love them!

Let’s Checkout Romantic Movies on Netflix

Blue Valentine

Strained marriage between a couple leaves them reconciling the good side of one another. The story unravels when they start to reflect on joyful moments.

One Day

Two long lost friends Emma (Anne Hathaway) and Dexter (Jim Sturgess) cross paths in July every year. There is so much more brewing between them!

Scott Pilgrim vs The World

This fancy flick stars Michael Cera whose life starts to rocket as soon as he hits a bulls-eye. Cera’s new romance starts to blossom with unexpected challenges.

She’s Gotta Have It

She’s Gotta Have It is the real Netflix deal. The first feature film helmed by Spike Lee mesmerizes the audience with his upcoming indie-black-white, rom-com which stars very talented Tracy Camilla Johns in a pivotal role.

She dons the role of a young and stirring woman placed in the heart of Brooklyn. With the plate of 3 partners in hand, Camilla has some unique abilities.

The Kissing Booth 2

Romantic Movies on Netflix
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One of the most loved and highly anticipated romantic flicks of all times The Kissing Booth will be coming back on screens. Joey King features as not a typical famous high-school girl. There is more to come ahead of it’s another season!

Obvious Child

Roped under a typical love story that leaves the girl pregnant leads to uncanny events. These two lovely souls will definitely leave you thinking about love.

Sex And The City 2

The sequel to Sex and the City is a blend of rom-com. This old classic is returning to Netflix. The audience gets most intrigued when the bewildering star cast takes a happening and short sabbatical to Dubai.

The Incredible Jessica James

Stunning actress Jessica Williams breaks boundaries as a stern leading female protagonist who struggles at length post her breakup. She becomes content when she dates an older guy.

The Spectacular Now

The movie highlights love between two opposites. A party-popper high-school senior meets a timid, unpopular misfit. Unexpected romance starts to bloom between them. This tale of two is rather unexpected!


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