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Insecure Season 5: Spoiler Alert & Everything we know so far

Insecure Season 5-

Insecure Season 5: An American comedy-drama about a black girl and her life struggles. Based on Rae’s web series awkward black girl Issa Rae and Larry Wilmore created the show.

the first season aired on September 23, 2016, followed by the seconds season(aired on July 23, 2017), the third season(aired on August 12, 2018), and the fourth season premiered on April 12, 2020.

In May 2020 series was renewed for a fifth season. Insecure has a total of 34 episodes and original network HBO. In 2020  the show got 8 Prime Time Emmy Award nominations for the 4th season. Season 5 was written in quarantine, Rae shared a post of insecure writers back to work.

Rae is a two-time nominee for Best Actress- Television series Musical or Comedy and Yvonne Orji got a Prime Time Emmy Award nomination for outstanding supporting actress in a comedy series in 2020 for her performance.

The character of Issa Rae connects us with the real-life problems of black people. Insecure has 7.9/10 ratings on IMDb and won 22 awards and 80 nominations.

Insecure Season 5: Cast Update

Insecure Season 5


Issa Rae as Issa Dee

Jay Ellis as Martin Lawrence Walker

Yvonne Orji as Molly Carter

Lisa Joyce as Fried

Natasha Rothwell as Kelli Penny

Amanda Seals as Tiffany Du Bois

Y’lan Noel as Daniel King

Alexander Hodge as Andrew

Kendrick Sampson as Nathan Cambell

Wade Allain-Marcus as Derek DuBois

Tristen J. Winger as Thug Yoda

Tiana Le as Dayniece

Christina Elmore as Consola Hayes

Season 1

Issa after her 29th birthday consider her relationship with live-in boyfriend Lawrence. Issa tries to find a way to get the open mic video taken down. Daniel helps Issa with her career day. Lawrence getting serious about his commitment to Issa. Molly gets a new outlook on life.

Season 2 is about Issa and Lawrence’s break-up. After joining the office “boys club”, Molly meets a new guy on girls’ night out.

in season 3 Molly returns from a beach vacation and starts her dream job at a black-owned law firm. Issa crashes on Daniels. Couch. Kelli and Issa advise Molly to date someone new.

Season 4 is about Molly developing expected feelings for Andrew. Her family celebrates Thanksgiving together. The woman helps Tiffany with her new baby girl so that she can enjoy a break from her baby.

Lawrence and Issa catch up and discuss their mistakes, life, career, and things that make them happy. Dr. Rhonda and Andrew help Molly to change her approach towards people who have wronged her. Issa gets a distressing call about a friend.

Spoiler alert 

 In the upcoming season, Issa and Molly finally meet up after weeks of tension and frustrating arguments. Issa and Lawrence stay together. Lawrence becoming a dad. Hope you enjoyed reading.

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