Titans Season 3: What difference will we see on HBO Max

Titans will acquire a ton of changes it’s third up and coming season, including where it’ll be releasing as it moves from DC Universe to HBO Max. Since 2018, the Teen Titans live-action drama has been one of the more dark shows to emerge from DC TV as it rethought the darling establishment.

All through their previous two seasons, the group has extended with different characters being gotten from the funnies. The most recent season likewise observed Dick Grayson at long last make the last move to become Nightwing. The third season was initially expected to show up this autumn, but because of the worldwide pandemic, designs clearly changed.

However, the DC FanDome has suggested some really exciting changes for the fans of Titans Season 3. Ranging from the introduction of Barbara Gordon and Scarecrow, Jason Todd becoming Red Hood to the relocation of the team to Gotham city, and the biggest of all, the third season airing on a new platform, a lot is happening. Along with Titans, all the other original DC series are heading to a new platform as HBO Max has become WarnerMedia’s priority and DC universe a comic service.

The filming of the third season is supposed to happen this fall and the release in the latter part of 2021. Fans are excited to see the changes the streaming service brings to the show. The move of Titan’s may be beneficial and having a stable home with HBO Max may change some elements.

HBO Max may give a Longer Airtime to Titans:

The show always has a lot boxed up inside a single episode and most probably is in need of longer airtime. It’s no secret that Titans have become huge and it is highly beneficial for the show to increase its the airtime. Hopefully, we will see a change and HBO Max recognizes this issue.

HBO Max may give Titans a Proper Credits Sequence

Though the trend for long credit sequence is long gone, we may see an iconic opening credit sequence as HBO Max does not have to worry about commercial breaks. Titans being a teen-Titan-based story definitely needs to revamp their intro and add some theme song and make it exciting.

The show may have a Bigger Budget:

Though Titan impresses us all with its special effects, a show as huge as this needs to have a bigger budget. We cannot forget that we did not see Trigon in it’s a true form to our heart’s content. Not only Trigon, Beast Boy also shapeshifted into only a handful of animals which may be a budget concern. With Titans moving to HBO Max, there is a chance that the show gets the big-budget it deserves.

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