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Aggretsuko Season 4: Is going to spark a relationship between Haida-Retsuko


Aggretsuko Season 4 Update: After witnessing the third season of  Aggretsuko on August 27, 2020, fans have been waiting desperately for the dropping of the 4th season. However, after making a close study of the release pattern, we can expect the next installment to be out hopefully, by the next few months.

Still, it is really difficult to give a sure-shot assumption of the new release. A close analysis says Season was aired in April 2018 while Season 2 was witnessed in June 2019. Following these, Season 3 was released in August 2020. Assumptions hold that we are going to get the next season, the coming years, and not before that.

Blame the pandemic for crippling the entire production process. Japan is not away from its abhorrent effects. Aggretsuko’s production is also a victim of the ongoing COVID-19. It has made a drastic change to innumerable industries including the entertainment industry.

Aggretsuko Season 4 Update:

However, the fans of the series are expecting the 4th season to clear the cliffhangers left behind in the third season. The most important suspense which stays unrevealed is whether  Haido and Retsuko will be able to strike up a relationship.

Aggretsuko Season 4

Most probably, the fourth season is going to lift the curtain from the relationship between the two. Not just that, fans are expecting to see a bright and flourishing relationship between Haido and Retsuko.

Even if their relationship does not perceive the sense of romance in it, the audience wants to derive pleasure out of the spark. Moreover, we will also witness OTMGirls will persevere to grow without Retsuko.

There are great possibilities that she is going to unite with the group in the upcoming season. Also, we might also be able to witness a little more balanced and confident Retsuko in the upcoming season.

Aggretsuko Season 4 has not been yet confirmed release date. There have been no official notifications to that effect yet. Still, we are expecting it to be back by 2021 positively.

This time it is going to take you on a fun and exalting ride with the characters of the series. Moreover, many of your unresolved doubts will also see their solutions. Let’s stay tuned for the new season.

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