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We Are the Champions Season 2: What we know so far

we are the champions-

We Are the Champions Season 2 Update: We Are The Champions is a strange and unusual documentary series that brings to the picture some of the most absurd and weird competitions from across the world. It includes events like cheese rolling and chili eating to fantasy hairstyling, yo-yo, dog dancing, and frog jumping, which we never thought, can ever exist.

This show is mainly produced to celebrate the spirit of beauty in idiosyncrasies. The show is directed by Brian Golden Davis, Nick Frew, and Martin Desmond Roe. The first was aired in November 2020. Now, the show is about to come back with a second edition as well. Continue reading to know more about the second season.

We Are the Champions Season 2: Release date

The first season was aired just two days back on, 17 November 2020. It blanketed 6 episodes in toto. Portraying some of the strangest contests from all over the world, it enlightened up with many things which we weren’t aware of, in the past.

Now, if you are getting some fresh knowledge as well as entertainment, won’t you love it? The same is the case with this show as well.

We Are The Champions
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Thus owing to the unique outlook it has been welcomed with some great reviews. This further leads to the conclusion that we may get another installment very soon. Let’s be optimistic and hope the second season to be out by November 2021.

Who is going to be the narrator of ” We Are The Champions”  Season 2? 

The very last season featured Rainn Wilson as the narrator for all 6 episodes outright. Apart from being the narrator, Wilson is also one of the executive producers of the show.

He is an actor as well as a writer and is best known for his contributions in  ‘Mom’, ‘Six Feet Under’, ‘The Rocker’, ‘Super’, ‘Monsters vs. Aliens’, ‘Star Trek: Discovery’, and ‘The Meg’. Wilson also serves as the co-founder of the digital media company SoulPancake. We are expecting Rainn Wilson to return as the narrator for the second season for another time in season 2.

What can be expected from the show? 

Previously in season one, we can come face to face with the Pepper Eating Challenge, Cheese Rolling Contest, The Frog Jumping Contest,  and many other events that are sure to leave us awestruck. The second season is expected to back with a lot of fascinating events which will leave us flabbergasted.

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