OnePlus Nord N10 5G Review Upcoming Sequel to Nord smartphone!

OnePlus Nord N10 5G
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OnePlus Nord N10 5G Updates: OnePlus is somewhat moving down-market with its new Nord brand. Just following up on the Smash hit original Nord with the new N10 5G.

But the thing is that pricks are it does not really live up to the expectations and name. Moreover, till now official pricing is not revealed for any of the segments in the upcoming series. But after having the first glimpse of N10 5G there are certain things one observes.

OnePlus Nord N10 is quite bigger than the original Nord and OnePlus 8. Its height is even taller than the iPhone 11 pro max. In addition to this, it is also about 190 grams. This seems pretty chunky for a phone in this budget range. The short and precise thing is OnePlus Nord N10 is a big boy and should prove popular in its price range.

During its first look, the build quality seems to be sturdy but somewhat feels cheap. The upper phone is substantial and one can wrench or twist it without any disturbing noise.

Given or offered glossy plastic back and frame does not seem to be feeling premium. Not even in the comparison original Nord. Although it’s quite tough to difference something feels to be different.

OnePlus Nord N10 5G All Details

OnePlus Nord N10 5G
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The N10 5G is another model after Oneplus six to have a rear-mounted fingerprint sensor. Unlike the Nord, OnePlus this time elected to include a headphone jack on N105G. The headphone jack is at the bottom, people prefer to have it there only, and is quite comfortable.

Unlike the previous Nord model, the upcoming N10 does not have any water resistance. In commercial words ‘splash proof’. The upcoming Nord N10 lacks IPS ratings. The biggest change one will observe is its physical design.

The overall phone look does not match with the previous Nord. This time OnePlus will not provide a side alert too. After Oneplus 2 this phone only has an LCD display. Along with 1080 p resolution.

The screen will have a punch-hole camera on the top left corner. Speakers too are usual, with less bass and enough volume and sound. Upcoming N10 will offer oxygen OS 10.5 with general performance powered by Snapdragon 690 processor. All the other features of variants, camera, screen are just quite similar to smartphone models in this range.

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