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Amazon Pharmacy: How to Order Medicine at your door-step

Amazon Pharmacy Launched

Amazon Pharmacy has been launched by Amazon, means now you can easily get medicines at your door-step via amazon website and App. All you need is to upload your prescription given by doctor.

Amazon has launched the Amazon Pharmacy Today, on their main portal for its users. And the already users of Amazon will get so many offers and discounts too.

How Amazon Pharmacy will work?

Amazon Pharmacy will work as like it works in United States form a long time. It will go live for 45 other states very soon. What will account holders have to do to order medicine?

Firstly, If they are not registered on Amazon, Have to Register themselves. Then they have to fill their general details.

  • They have tell about their allergies
  • Submit their Health Conditions
  • Submit the Prescription provided by verified doctors
  • Doctors can also upload prescription for their patients

Which types of Medicines will be available on Amazon Pharmacy?

Various range of general purpose medicines to generic medicines will be sold on Amazon, One of Amazon representative said to CNBC  “up to 80 percent off generic and 40 percent off brand name medications when paying without insurance.” The medicines will be delivered within 2 days, for this Amazon is making local pharmacist and vendors for their supplies.

Along with General Medicines Amazon will also sell Health Care Devices, Supplements and Ayurvedic Medicines.

How the Medical Insurance Beneficiaries will be benefited?

The users who have Medical Insurances can easily get the medicines using their Insurance Card Number at the time of checkout. For this they have choose the plan and enter the further details against the Card Number.

Steps to Order

  • The Users have to login to their panel
  • Then the user will have to search for the medicine required
  • Then the Users can Add them to their Cart.
Amazon Pharmacy-01
Credit Amazon Pharmacy
  • Then the users will have to Click on Buy Now and there they will be asked for Prescription.
  • Then the users can upload their prescription provided by doctors.

Amazon Pharmacy-02

Credit: Amazon Pharmacy

Amazon Pharmacy-03

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