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MS. Marvel: Marvel Avengers Sandra Saad with some hints on the game.

MS. Marvel
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MS. Marvel Updates: Square Enix’s developed video game, Marvel’s Avenger marks it’s release back in September this year. This game features a casting team full of stars. Including Nolan North as Iron man and Troy Baker as The Hulk.

But the out of the box and surprising moment is witnessing Sandra Saad as Ms. Marvel. Sandra during an interview expresses. “It’s quite cool to witness that our hard work and efforts for a few last years.

Now it’s being appreciated by everyone.” According to Sandra, it’s quite mesmerizing to get connected with Marvel fans and hopes. She further continues “This story will continues till the fans will want it to.”

MS. Marvel: Some glimpse of the interview with Sandra Saad : 

MS. Marvel
Image Source: Looper

When she was asked, how was the experience of motion capturing for a video game? On this, she replies “It was quite awesome. I just utilized everything that I am just used to bring to a regular stage. Every single movement of the body gets captured. This feature also focuses on everything coming on the lips too.

How will you portray Kamla different from Ms. Marvel? She answers, “You may really witness no difference when she is in her fighting mode. She has just that innocence that definitely carries through the way. Kamla stays like the same person throughout the same.

Always furious and ready to fire the bad guy. I will like to thank my outstanding stunt woman, Melissa Prather. She just took a lot of big moments and fight scenes for me physically.”

When she faced the question regarding the difference in the role of Ms. Marvel and her previous roles. Then she with joy expresses. “It was really nice to bring the required experience in this role. It’s quite tough to perform them. At one moment Kamla brings her comic book to A day. On this, her dad tells.

‘Your differences are your greatest superpowers.’ I must consider myself lucky to get work with Shaun. He is a man of colors and quite encouraging director.”

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