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The Voice Best and Worst Blind Auditions:

The Voice Updates: Singer and songwriter who rock the country and Cristian of ages from 15 to 56. We would thank the premiere “This Is Us”. This show will premiere at the close of Monday. The singers were Desz who was the best singer this is the competition for this season.

We could not say about this team is filled with terrible singers this team is also filled with lowest ranked singers. This show will grow the singers to find their own artistry in singing and songwriting and they also find themselves to learn a lot of things.

This show will introduce the Christian singer and genuine R&B star from the 1980s. This show participants ages were least from 18 and the maximum ages to participate in this show is 56.

In season 19 of the voice reality show, we could guess the winner of this show. We can see the battle type competition in this show.

The Voice Season 19 participants:


  • Van Andrew who was a famous songwriter and he started to build his career from this show. He made excellent songwriting and musicality during the Covid-19 pandemic.
The Voice
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  • Larrimah Jackson who was a famous singer and she is abandoned by his biological father Larrimah and her mother. Larrimah in vocal music is too ambitious. But she needs some coaching and to help her chest voice.
  • Tony Mason is one of the best singers in this show.


  • Olivia Reyes who was a daughter of season 2 winner Jermaine’s Paul’s this is a shy moment and it is a remarkable thing for Olivia Reyes. Her voice is filled up with the feeling of emotions.


  • Payton Lamar had a really wonderful voice. She has a unique sound in her voice.
  • Tanner Gomes was one of the best singers and when he grows 10 years his mother was prescribed opioids so he takes the responsibility for his family. He was very nervous and anxious to give an audition for this show.


  • Sam Stacy is a pleasant singer and songwriter of this show. He builds a connection with an audience. He is a different type of singer, but with the right songs.
  • Desz was one of the best singers in this series.

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