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Can You Hear Me Season 2 Filming Locations Revealed- Click to know

Can You Hear Me Season 2
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Can You Hear Me Season 2 Updates: Can You Hear Me is a comedy-drama series in the French language which mainly focuses on the lifestyle of three friends, Ada, Carolanne, and Fabiola?

They are financially quite poor and are have a low lifestyle. One of them is in the worst relation ever, while the other one doesn’t possess a relationship at all. Among the three best friends, all have a different way of thinking.

Where one of them is finding the real meaning of life via dreams, while the other one is leading her life to nowhere. She is just leading her life to find peace in meaningless sex, which is of no use.

The series narrates the tale of struggles that people face in real life. How people are adapting in such difficult circumstances, such as some serious issues.

All the serious issues including sexual identity, domestic violence, underprivileged people’s struggle. The message which is drawn from the story is quite impactful. Continue reading to know the location of the sequel’s production.

Can You Hear Me, Season 2 Location Revealed

The show’s creator, Florence Longpre has encountered several young mass and tried to make out something from their disadvantaged background. She also visualized their living standards and the place where they reside out of compulsion as they couldn’t move out from that place and find someplace much better.

Florence wanted the viewers to visualize this for their series too.

Can You Hear Me Season 2
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This would be a reality check and would also help the audience visualize the reality of struggle what normal people are facing. And how these difficult circumstances affect people.

As the series main story resides in the place where the common people live, so the location is quite important. The cast and crew members of Can You Hear Me have now found the perfect location which is located in Montreal, Canada.

The perfect location for Can You Hear Me: Montreal, Canada

It traces the journey of three women, trying to understand and simplify their complicated life. The series’ storyline focuses more on their efforts to overcome their financially poor background as well as their struggles of balancing life.

You can witness in one particular scene, one of them is searching apartments. She finds them, but when it comes to the security money deposit, she doesn’t have that cash at that point.

The storyline emphasizes the young, broke part, including their struggles. Owing to this reason, the crew shifted its attention to the underprivileged area of Montreal, Canada.

You can spot the crew filming the sequel in several parts of the city. However, including the real-life location, amplifies the situation and storyline. Even they created the sets to fulfill the purpose of the story.

Such, as you will find a book store in the series, which is a real book store known as The World. The series also includes the characters munching fast food at a fast-food joint. However, this is not a real location but is a set made up especially to match the surroundings.


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