Is the sixth season of the beloved show Rick and Morty confirmed?

Rick and Morty: 6th season is now in production, co-creator Dan Harmon said during Adult Swim Con. The famous sci-fi sitcom finished its fourth season two months prior, however, Dan and Co. are two seasons forward.

At present, production is started for season 5, as far as animation, execution, and voice acting, while the writers of the show — including Dan are turning out for season 6 over Zoom video calls, with slight interferences despite the progressing COVID-19 pandemic.

Dan noticed that the way of things has changed a little bit on account of these zoom video calls. Was the major secret just slipped by Dan? While posting some information during the community virtual read through, Dan let a secret out to the viewers on the social platform of Instagram.

He talked about the comeback of Alex Rubens to address the crowd on the sixth season of the animated sitcom Rick and Morty. He captions stated that there was another mystical thing about the present day that the cooperative Polygraphy script that was being read out is by community and Rick and Morty alum Alex Rubens who is now at Rick and Morty’s and has made a comeback for writing on the sixth season of the show.

Dan talked about the gap between the third and fourth season:

Image Source: Looper

We also heard Dan in July saying that the break which they took between the third season and the fourth season was by far the longest that they have kept the fans waiting. The long wait between the two seasons sounded quite ridiculous even to Dan. Though he advised the fans not to get their hopes high he said that they will try to bring the episodes in quick so that there are more chances of having more episodes at a time.

As of now, the message given by Dan to the fans seems to be the first regarding the sixth season of Rick and Morty as season four is still being aired. The other half of the season appears every week on Adult Swim.

Rick and Morty Season 5:

However, talking about the fifth season the opening details were heard only when the actor Chris Parnell talked about the storyboards and writings for the episodes. This clearly means that the show is getting ready for the sixth part and the fans are surely excited.

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