Bad Hair: Set to be the scariest movie-Check out for more

Bad Hair Updates: The new Hulu original movie `Bad Hair ‘is all set to haunt its viewers, maybe more than the other horror villains this Halloween season.

Attached to an ambitious young black woman’s head, who is struggling to make a place in the American society of the 1980s. The film features this sinful weave as the antagonist of the horror movie. The genre of the movie is satire, comedy, and horror.

Bad Hair: Overview

Written and directed by 2014’s Dear White People writer and director Justin Simien, he intends to very humorously show how American society was always made keeping the whites in mind and side-lined the black people for decades.

Talking to the Houston Chronicle, he expressed his views on how the world is not always for our benefit as it was not made with us in mind.

Bad Hair: Plot

Image Source: Polygon

Taking us back to 1989, the movie revolves around a young black woman named Anna (played by Elle Lorraine) who is determined to become a VJ at a black music video TV network. She gets a weave when asked to buy her new white boss as she needs to look more white friendly.

She does not do this readily as some past traumatic experience had made her keep her natural hair for long. Unlike an ordinary weave, this hairpiece is possessed by evil and goes on a rampage to kill people which beautifully shows the metaphor of how white beauty standards crush black women.

Bad Hair: What critics have to say about it

So far, there have been both negative and positive reviews pouring in. However, the positive is more in number than the negative ones. After 34 reviews, the movie earned a score of 62% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Metacritic, after 12 reviews, has given the satirical horror movie a better rating than Rotten Tomatoes that is 65%. Although mostly the critics have appreciated the movie’s themes and performances they all agree that making it shorter and at a better pace would definitely result in the betterment of the movie.

Bad Hair: How much can you expect for the movie to scare you.

Though the movie does not haunt you for days, like other hard-core horror movies, the satire and the theme sets it apart from the rest. This does not mean that some specific scenes won’t give you chills.

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