Godzilla vs Kong: Trailer Delayed and Trolls Fans

Godzilla vs Kong is an American monster film which is directed by Adam Wingard is a sequel to Godzilla: King of the Monsters and Kong: Skull Island. Legendary pictures get a little fun by trolling fans of Godzilla vs. Kong about the highly expected yet to be released trailer which is seven months away.

It was scheduled to release this year in March initially but was delayed two times due to some reasons. This was frustrating for the fans but the wait is still shorter than the gap between Godzilla and Godzilla: King of the Monsters. The plot details remain scarce even though a synopsis says the Hollow Earth is a focal point.

Everything is pointing to Godzilla vs. Kong being a monstrous culmination of the previous MonsterVerse movies so far. Despite Legendary many are looking forward to it simply based on the title of the movie and this will be the first time in nearly 60 years since two creators crossed their paths.

Godzilla vs Kong: Updates

Legendary has announced a MonsterVerse costume giveaway in which an individual can win a prize pack of Godzilla and Kong costumes upon completing an entry. The most exciting aspect of this announcement is that Legendary brings the trailer of Godzilla vs. Kong saying ‘’Children’s consume prize package and your children’s can act out Godzilla vs. Kong trailer until we share the real one.’’

While some are annoyed with this and the fact that Legendary humorously pokes fun which means they are saving the trailer until the right moment not when the fans want it. Legendary wants to make sure Godzilla vs. Kong doesn’t fall into the same hole as Godzilla: King of the Monsters as it underperformed.

If you are actually interested in the contest then there are few ways to gain entries and also make sure you check out the rules page.

It’s hard to tell when the trailer of Godzilla vs. Kong will be out. The movie industry currently has no stability about the release dates as they keep changing them. For example, Warner Bros have delayed four upcoming DC Comics films. It’s hard but still, the fans have to wait to watch their favorite movies.

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