Detective Pikachu 2: Pokémons should Appear in Sequel

Detective Pikachu 2 Updates: For all the cartoon lovers, Detective Pikachu has been a fantastic movie. Pokemon Detective Pikachu is an adventure mystery-comedy directed by Rob Letterman. It is based on the Pokemon franchise created by Satoshi Tajiri.

We cannot deny the fact that Pokemon was one of the most loved cartoons by us. Detective Pikachu allowed us to witness our favorite Pokemons on the big screen. Although there were several famous Pokemons in the movie, there were a few characters that we missed.

If Warner Bros. thinks of giving out the sequel of the movie, then the audience would like to have these Pokemons on the screen this time.

Pokemon could be seen in Detective Pikachu 2


Mewtwo was a very adorable, little, pink-colored Pokemon that was loved by the fans. They wanted to see Mew more on the screen, but unfortunately, very little screen time was given to him.

If any other Pokemon movie comes up, then we would like to see more of Mew on the screen.


If we talk about Pokemons, then there will be very few talking Pokemons coming into your mind. And one of them is Meowth. Although there was no team rocket seen in Detective Pikachu, Meowth should be a part of any further expected Pokemon film.


Image Source: Kendall Lacey’s Web world

The famous fiery trio of Pokemon that included Charizard, Charmander, and Charmeleon was very popular amongst people. But we only got to see Charizard and Charmander in Detective Pikachu.

People were disappointed when Charmeleon was unable to make his way into the movie. So, we expect the makers to bring him back to the film.


Like Meowth is one of the very few talking Pokemons, Magnemite is one of the very few magnetic Pokemons in the movie. Magnemite is a very unique and fantastic Pokemon, but the film-makers decided not to make him a part of the movie. We hope the makers find a loophole to bring Magnemite back if there will be any further film.


Water-based Pokemon was one of the most loved Pokemon on the show. And Lapras was one creature who understood human speech. But it was also unable to enter the movie. We hope it gets a cut in the sequel.

These are a few Pokemons, which we think should be a part of the upcoming Pokemon film. Comment down the Pokemons you want to see in the sequel.


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