Top 10 Movies to watch if you like Yes Man

Top 10 Movies: Movies are a friend of a person. Movies depict different emotions, environments, activities, etc.  However, a film also, educates shares feelings, experience, etc. Likewise, speaking about the movie Yes Man. This movie also depicts a few emotions, adventures of a person.

The movie is a true story based. The film is all about being a comedy that speaks about the consequences of saying ‘Yes’ to every request, opportunity, and invitation for a whole year.

The film’s list is a 500days of romance, just friends, view from the top, and go with it, That Awkward moment, Hitch, Lair Lair, The backup plan, the wedding date and about Steve.

Let’s Have a look at Top 10 Movies

500 Days of Romance

The movie’s emphasis on love altogether. The story is about a woman who does not believe in true love and a young man who falls for her.

Maybe just within a year, Tom Hansen reflects fall for Summer Finn. Both of them became more than what they were and into a relationship next. In the end, its viewers task to figure out whether they are getting married or not.

Just Friends!

The story is all about High school student Chris Brander who loves his best friend, Jamie Palamino. Though, finally, he decides to convey his feelings towards her. But the girl just wants to remain friends.

Later Chris becomes a musical manager- the person whom everyone wants. The movie concludes with both becoming more than just friends.

View From the top- Look It

The film is about a young, dream achiever woman Donna who has many wishes for the future and dreams of living a beautiful life. She aims to be a first-class international flight attendant. Though, she tried very hard to fulfill her dreams.

Just Go With it!

In the film, Katherine protests to be the ex-wife of his boss Danny. Danny has to protest to be married because he lied to his dream girl.

Top 10 Movies: The Awkward Moment!

Image Source: Los Angeles Daily News

The film all about three best friends who were always very confused about every relationship. However, the three of them found themselves in the same awkward moment of each other’s relationship.


The film is about a dating coach Alex ‘Hitch’ Hitchens, who fell in love with communist Sara. Later, both of them started being with each other as lovers. Though, problems arose between them. In the end, the pair faces a lot of relationship complications.

Lair Lair

The story surrounds around a private gay club by a vampire ‘The Lair’. The vampires use the club as a source for attractive young men for their sustenance.

The Backup plan

The movie is all about Zoe, who has been waiting along to be with the right person. After a few years of dating, she realized that the wait was too extended. Lastly, she decides to become a mother and make a plan.

However, after that, she has to go all alone for her decision with an appointment.

The Wedding Date -Bell Ringing

The plot is about a single girl who engages a male escort to introduce people as her boyfriend at her sister’s wedding.

All About Steve

The plot is about Mary Horowitz’s crossword puzzle creator, who fell in love with Steve, a news cameraman. Later Mary creates a puzzle for Steve to make him realize that they are soul mates.

Hope you love the movies and happy binge watch.

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