Mukesh Ambani’s Jio working with Qualcomm to develop 5G in India

Mukesh Ambani Jio: Indian Billionaire business tycoon Mukesh Ambani and his telecom company JIO are planning something extreme. They are working jointly with Qualcomm inc. Both of them are looking towards 5 G solutions.

Trying to accelerate efforts to bring out high-speed networks to the world’s second mobile market users. JIO includes the tycoon’s wireless operator. This is fully owned by Redisys corporations a U.S based unit. Jio is partnering with Qualcomm technologies to fast track the development and come up with a 5G network infrastructure.

However, India is yet to auction airwaves for the fifth generation. Ambani is just preparing the MNC Jio for fifth-generation wireless services. This method and thing he calls as the “technology developed in the house”.

The pretty sure thing is, his carrier will not require to spend that amount of money over switching. That other carriers and operators may have to pay. Unlike some of the competitions and rivals in the telecom market in India. Jio is fully immune to political disputes that India is facing with its neighboring countries.

Image Source: Business Standard

Mukesh Ambani revealing his plans expresses his interest in selling out the technology to other carriers and brands. Once his plan was successfully executed in the home market. Jio till now has a successful four years-long journey. This brand debuted in India four years ago initially offering free calls and extremely cheap data.

Currently, this telecom multinational organization is at the peak of its telecom career. Talking about the position of the organization, it is now the biggest telecom carrier in India. With an estimation of about 400 million users all around the country.

Jio and Mukesh Ambani are now planning another shock of introducing fifth generation networking. Another good news is that they are planning smartphones at cheap prices.

These smartphones will be fifth-generation compatible and with the parent brand as Jio. Currently, the estimated price of the lowest model in the series may not be more than $40. With Jio at this point of high ambitions.

Asia’s richest business tycoon is ready to set a transformation in the telecom community. There are plans of transforming his energy conglomerate Reliance Industries Ltd. into a Titan technology.

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