American Housewife Season 5: Growing pain for Ottos & Release date

American Housewife Season 5 Updates: The fifth season of the ABC’s sitcom ‘American Housewife ‘ seems to bring a fresh and new start for many of the members of the Otto family as they move forward to live their individual lives and discover their very own passions.

Executive producer Rick Weiner talks about the ongoing scenario of the Ottos Family:

According to the executive producer Rick Wiener, the elder daughter of the Westport, Connecticut based Otto family Taylor, played by Meg Donnelly completes her high school and graduates and after the show jumps a few months ahead past her graduation, viewers interestingly witness her attending the very same college where Dad Greg, played by Diedrich Bader teaches. Whereas, the mother of the family Katie, played by Katy Mixon is busy setting rules for her now-grown-up child at home.

While doing so, she discovers her own unique passion and interest in being a mother that also leads her on the path and she ends up starting her very own amazing mommy blog. On the other hand, Greg is undoubtedly nervous as her grades now reflect on her dad Greg.

And with so much going on in the family, Katie will surely have a lot to write about. We will also get to witness the tender ten-year-old Anna-Kat (played by Gissele Eisenberg) as she now starts gaining popularity in life and slowly learns about how she has to deal with the large group of friends that she now possesses.

When it comes to Oliver (played by Daniel DiMaggio), the goal-focused teen becomes so hell-bent determined about his goal of getting into Harvard that he starts questioning his regular self and the goals and choices that he had in his mind to date.

Where and when can we watch the sitcom American Housewife Season 5:

The fifth season of the American sitcom American Housewife will premiere on October 28 2020 8:30/7:30c on ABC.

For more, fresh and latest updates on the fifth season of the loved and adored sitcom American Housewife stay tuned.

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