The Queen’s Gambit Releasing on Netflix, Cast, Plot and Everything you should know

The Queen’s Gambit Updates: The full-packed fall has a lot of new series in store for entertaining us but the one we are really excited about is the Netflix original series ‘The Queen’s Gambit ‘. Here is the teeny tiniest bit of information you need to know about the same.

Scott Frank and Allen Scott developed the original limited Netflix series ‘The Queen’s Gambit ‘ is based on the novel by Walter Travis of the same name.

The Queen’s Gambit: Release Date of the Netflix original:

Fortunately for the viewers excited to lay eyes on The Queen’s Gambit, Netflix has a confirmed release date ready. All six episodes of the series are ready to stream on Netflix on Friday, October 23rd, 2020.

The Queen’s Gambit: Plot

The story revolves around Beth Harmon, an orphan who is just eight years old and has discovered her talent in the royal game ‘Chess’.

Just at the age of 16 the child prodigy starts competing at the National Level and as the years pass by and she becomes 22 her sole aim becomes grabbing the title of ‘The Chess Grand Champion’.

But with her ambitions comes the pressure, and she starts suffering from a crippling drug addiction that endangers everything she has built.

The Queen’s Gambit: Cast

Image Source: What’s on Netflix

Anya Taylor – Joy as Beth Harmon
Chloe Pirrie as Alice Harmon
Annabeth Kelly as Young Beth
Thomas Brodie-Sangster as Benny
Moses Ingram as Jolene
Marielle Heller as Alma Wheatley
Janina Elkin as Mrs. Borgov
Matthew Dennis Lewis as Matt
Dolores Carbonari as Margaret
Marcin Dorocinski as Vasily Borgov
Patrick Kennedy as Allston Wheatley
Russel Dennis Lewis as Mike
Millie Brady as Cleo among others.

Filming Location

The filming for the awaited series took place in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada.
August 26 2020 was the start of the principal photography but an end date wasn’t listed.
A Zeiss 8K Camera was used for the filming.

Will it be available in 4k?

Like most of the recent Netflix originals, the streaming of the series will be available in 4Kand to avail that the viewers will need a 4K device, Netflix Subscription, and an internet connection maintaining 25mbps.

The Queen’s Gambit: Will we have a second season?

Since listed as a limited series, it is highly unlikely for the series to have a second season.

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