Preview of My Hero Academia, Chapter 288! Click to know more about spoilers on the upcoming episode.

My Hero Academia, despite its release six years ago, still has that effect on the audience. It still enjoys a humongous fan base and has an incredible watch time. My Hero Academia is one of the largest franchise in the industry until now. Everyone is now excited about the anime’s return, which will happen most probably next year. But, fans are now super curious about the release date for chapter 288 in their region.

The release date for My Hero Academia, Chapter 288

Chapter 288 of My Hero Academia is now available, as it was released last week’s Friday, i.e. 16th October 2020. The release time was however midnight according to the Japanese Standard Time. The thesis time and English dubbed version of the anime is mentioned below-

  • Central time- 11 am on Friday, 16th October 2020.
  • Pacific Time- 9 am on Friday, 16th October 2020.
  • British Time- 5 pm on 16th October 2020.
  • Eastern Time- Noon on 16th October 2020.

What to expect from Chapter 288

Well, I am warning you, as we have some spoilers for you ahead.

Toga is now a member of the villain league. And she is currently using her Quirk to change into an old lady. Additionally, she also tricks Uraraka to help her carry her husband. She even attacks Uraraka but that attempt goes waste. So, Toga now plans combat, which will occur in the next chapter.

Gigantomachia, on the other hand, continues to tyrannize the city and makes a beeline to Shigaraki. They continue to destroy everything that comes in their path. While the other league members also gear up to face the heroes. The chapter ends on a note, where Toga keeps wondering whether Uraraka or Midoriya would end up assassinating her.

Now, that you have a brief idea about what is going to happen next, please read the chapter from the official site.

The storyline of My Hero Academia

Izuku Midoriya has a dream of becoming a hero one day. But he often gets bullied by his abusive childhood friend, Katsuki Bakugo as he lacks the Quirk. Both the youngsters idolize All Might, one of the mightiest and finest heroes of the world.  Both of them meet him, and Izuku happens to be one of the rarest people who know All Might’s secret.

All Might has a critical injury, which he kept hidden from the rest of the world. He even discloses his quirk, One for all, and passes it done to Izuku. He notices his sincerity in his eyes and chooses him. As he follows his path of becoming a hero, he attends the U.A. High School along with Bakugo. However, they meet the enemy of One for all, who tries to destroy society.

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