Black Clover Episode-148: Release Date, Possible Plotline & Other Detail

Black Clover Updates: A Japanese manga series illustrated by Yāki Tabata and serialized in Shueisha’s Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine and has been collected into 26 volumes as of now. Later issued into game series entitled to gaming consoles like PS, Microsoft Windows, an anime television series in 2017, it was licensed for international release by Crunchyroll and Funimation. Originally continuing from Oct 3, 2017, it has its ups and downs in its long course of the run but the overall positive response from the viewers is what has kept its fire burning.

When and where will the next Episode 148 premieres?

Gaining momentum since its debut, its 148th episode was the next to be broadcasted after being hampered in the production by the notorious coronavirus outbreak. Titled ‘Becoming the Light that Shines Through the Darkness ‘ it was scheduled to arrive this Oct 20,2020.

Either of the English transcribed version of the Japanese audio and the dubbed version can be streamed online via Crunchyroll and Funimation.

Here’s a recap on its original background

Possible Plotline Of Black Clover Episode-148 

A take on the sci-fi and fantasy genre, this mostly focuses on Asta, an orphaned grown up in an orphanage after being recovered from its doorstep along with fellow orphan, Yuno. Asta stands to be the only exception midst the surrounding people who are all capable of utilizing Mana in the form of magical power.

He being powerless is a total misfit in the magical domain of Hage village and was probably ostracized for the same yet shares a dream with his fellow mages of being the next Wizard King who is positioned second to the king of Clover Kingdom.

Apart from showing no skills his obsession with Sister Lily is even more slackening. Contrarily, Yuno was born as a prodigy with immense magical power which drove him through physical training with the hope of generating preternatural powers. Out of mere envying, he even gets Yuno assassinated by some noble whom he overpowers all by himself.

The friction between the two heats up more when Yuno procures a four-leaf grimoire of the Kingdom’s first wizard while Asta lands with an occult five-leaf one ( containing elf swords and anti-magic). Stepping forward to achieve their common goal, both join a Magic Knight squad and through the story Asta embarks on various adventures in the Kingdom as they strive to make a fortune, aiming for the same spot.

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