Black Panther 2 Rumors: Doctor Doom may be the Villain in the Sequel

Black Panther 2 Rumors: According to the rumors, Doctor Doom Could be seen in the MCU’s Black Panther 2.

The new rumors are being praised by Murphy’s Multiverse, Charles Murphy describing what he sees as Doctor Doom’s arrow in the Black Panther’s pursuit as an opportunity.

The Marvel giant begins to “expand his empire, conquer parts of Africa and, eventually, clash with the Wakanda and Black Panther tribes.”

Murphy insists that everything he heard about Doctor Doom as a villain in the Black Panther sequel should be considered a rumor in this case, but he also thinks Marvel Studios has big plans for the actor.

Black Panther 2: Who is Doctor Doom

Image Source: Geekfeed

He writes that Kevin Feige was keen to meet Noah Hawley, who co-produced the independent film Doctor Doom before Disney discovered 21st Century Fox.

Also, Marvel Studios now owns film rights for both X-Men and Fantastic Four, as well as several release dates for the series scheduled for 2022-2023, some think we will be introduced to these celebrity comedies before the expected.

Perhaps the Sequel of Black Panther will be our first official introduction to such characters with Doctor Doom acting as the main villain.

At the launch of the D23 Expo back in August, Kevin Feige took author/director Ryan Coogler on stage with the program Black Panther 2, mocking the big things that will happen in the sequel to the landmark film.

Maybe it’s because we’ll finally see Doctor Doom at MCU facing one of the franchise executives.

What do you think of this new rumor? Do you think we will see Doctor Doom face King T’Challa in Black Panther Sequel? From the comments below,

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