The Boy Season 2: Homelander’s milk obsession seems to get worse

The Boy Season 2 Updates: In the Season 2 premiere of ‘The Boys’ we got a pretty clear picture of Homelander’s obsession with Madelyn Stillwell or not exactly her but her milk.

This creepy obsession surprisingly has a depth to it. It speaks of the mental state of Homelander and his craving to have a normal family. We are not passing this judgment solely based on his obsession with milk but the tremendous amount of jealousy he had towards Stilwell’s baby was also no secret on this show.

We witnessed Homelander kill Stillwell when he learned that she was dishonest regarding her own infant son. This storyline in Season 1 continues to Season 2 where a heartbroken Homelander moves around Stillwell’s empty office and drinking her breast milk readily from the freezer.

We can never forget the uneasiness and discomfort that Homelander and Madelyn Stillwell’s scenes brought upon us. Stillwell was the Vought Executive assigned to keep the mighty yet menacing abilities of Homelander’s powers under control and she did this very well by exploring his gaping desire for a mother.

‘Mother-child’ scene from The Boy Season 1 :

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Recalling the most shocking and bizarre scene from the first Season where Stillwell asks Homelander to lie down on her lap and as he sucks her finger they imitate a breastfeeding scene and she calmly yet seductively says ‘You’re my good boy’. The vibe of this moment had an indefinite sexual tension yet was only a mother-son gesture.

The Boy Season 2: Probable causes:

As Season 2 reveals more about ‘The Boys’ we notice Homelander’s genuine desire to have a family of his own and his indignation towards his founder co-operation ‘Vought’ in spite of being a sociopath.

Unlike other heroes such as Starlight, Homelander’s upbringing was in the lab that he was made in. After discovering that Stillwell’s pseudo-sexual motherly act was all a lie and she had lied to him about Ryan too he killed her.

All his acts, be it his obsession with her breast milk, jealousy towards her infant, his actual drinking of her breast milk were maybe simply just mother-child issues or something bigger.

We will keep updating more interesting and bizarre theories about ‘The Boys’.

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