Money Heist Season 5: Is Denver in Danger? What is Arturo’s Dangerous Revenge?

Money Heist Season 5 Updates: Money Heist Season 5 which is also called aka casa papel is yet to confirm its official release date by Netflix. On July 31 Netflix announced on social media that this Spanish series would end forever with its fifth season.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, there was a delay in the production of Money Heist’s 5th Season. But a good part is that the production for season 5 had already started filming and also the viewers had spotted characters like Berlin, Tatiana, and Marseille on the location which is in Denmark.

Alex Pina said that they’ve spent almost a year thinking about how to break up the band and how to put the Professor on the ropes and also how to get into the situations that are irreversible for many characters.

The fifth season of Money Heist will be the result. She also added that here the war reaches its most epic and exciting season.

For the fifth season of Money, Heist Netflix has announced two new cast members they are Miguel Angel Silvestre and Patrick Criado and the avid viewers have theorized that Miguel Angel Silvestre will play Tokyo’s Ex lover in a flashback sequence.

Also, one Reddit user theorized that Ursula filming with a new guy, a flashback of Tokyo’s dead boyfriend perhaps?

Money Heist Season 5:  Denver will be Dead?

Image Source: Digital Spy

The show’s most lovable character Denver is seen killed in the next season of Money Heist and the viewers are wondering that Arturo may kill Denver in season 5.

Arturo hates Denver as he raised his child Monica who is now known as Stockholm and they have been living in Thailand and Denver was fuming when he learned Arturo was back and trying to convince Monica to let him see Cincinnati.

Arturo can be seen quite determining state to take revenge on Denver in Money Heist 5th Season  and also can split the couple for spoiling his affair with Stockholm. After knowing this the fans are worried about losing their favorite Denver in the fifth season.

Money Heist season 5 is likely to appear in 2021 and does not have an exact release date. Stay tuned to get the latest updates on Money Heist.


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