The Stand: Official Trailer Out, know about 5 key hints!

The Stand Updates: Just not more than two months, that’s the time left which is separating the audience from a major event. The event that will launch ‘The Stand’ on small screens. This will come up with a new miniseries base on marvelous Stephen King’s novel that debuts over CBS All Access.

The excitement and desperation level amongst the audience is already at seventh heaven. The credits for these expectations go to the extreme popularity of the book is it’s most relevant to the current world.

The Stand: About 5 key hints

After the first thorough look at The Stand, there are a lot of things to take in from the footage. This creates expectations that we may help in the process of providing details that are mobile and handy. Witnessing the footage that is reflecting on the source material. There seem to be five key hints that reveal in the first season. So this upcoming CBS All Access mini-series reveals these hints.

Romantic relation between Larry and Rita. 

Larry Underwood’s arc in Stephen King’s The Stand is one of the prominent and strongest. This is vital for his transformation in his relationship with Rita Blakemoon. Larry has a history of using people for his own benefit. Now this will be a thing to witness till where this relationship will go.

Randall Flag meets Harold Lauder. 

Harold Lauder is the most tragic character in the show. He has a story of unrequited love that transforms into poison and revenge in his veins. Randall Flag users him for his benefits. He easily manages to manipulate him by increasing the flames of revenge.

Lloyd Henreid gets Rescued : 

In The Stand, Randall Flag uses Harold as a proxy to perform his horrible acts. He is the important tool only left in Flag’s heinous toolbox. Meanwhile, he has the loyalty of Lloyd Henreid who is second in command. After the death of Captain Trips, Lloyd just left trapped in a prison cell. Antagonist Flag helps him in survival.

Tom Cullen’s First look : 

Whatever anyone says, the primary protagonist that lacks focus light till now is audience favorite, Tom Cullen. Luckily, The Stand’s first official trailer focuses on the character of Bradurllean Henkin.

Trashcan lifts a warhead : 

Trashcan man is the secret character in the show. Nobody till now knows who is playing that role. Digging into the precise details of things he is doing is in the official trailer. Just not giving more spoilers, watch the trailer and get the details.

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