Log Horizon Season 3: When can we get the release date? & Other detail

Log Horizon Season 3 Updates: The awaited third season of the anime series Log Horizon is finally going to release and it has also been confirmed that the fans will be able to watch it instantly on Funimation upon its release in Japan.

Mamare Touno and Kazuhiro Hara’s original novel based series has been a fan favorite and it’s successive seasons have been continuously requested by the fans. The anime made its debut in 2013 with its second season dropping the next year in 2014 so as we can see, there has been quite a gap in the second and third season of the anime.

The huge year gap did take fans by surprise when the anime confirmed that they were working for a third season early this year. Not only that, but it was also confirmed that the anime will release in the winter season of the next year i.e. 2021

It’s a relief to the fans that Funimation has already confirmed the streaming of the anime and the fans will be able to catch hold of the anime as soon as it releases.

Log Horizon Season 3: When can we get the release date?

The anime will hit the screens in the winters of 2021. More specifically on January 13th, 2021 after being delayed from its original October 2020 release date due to the ongoing inevitable pandemic.

Season 3: Overview

Officially titled ‘Log Horizon: Destruction of the Round Table’ the third sequel of the anime will be bringing back familiar faces of the beloved cast from the previous two seasons of the anime. The third season of Log Horizon will consist of 12 episodes.

The director of the anime Shinji Ishihira will make a return and will be steering the wheel for Studio DEEN. The cast members returning to the anime in their respective roles are Takuma Terashima as Shiroe, Emiri Katou as Akatsuki, and Tomoaki Maeno as Naotsug.

Their return has been officially confirmed for the third season. We can’t wait to watch the long time favorite anime after all these years of wait in the chilling winter of the next year. We will keep the anime fans updated on the latest news regarding Log Horizon: Destruction of the round table.

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