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Log Horizon Season 3: Plot, Release Date, and Many More You Should Know

Log Horizon Season 3

Log Horizon is an adventurous, sci-fi, Japanese fantasy drama from Mamare Touno. Kazuhiro Hara illustrates the series and Mochichi Hashimoto is the monster designer of the series. On 13th April 2010, Mamare Touno published Log Horizon as a novel that followed four manga.


This Japanese anime series, Log Horizon, first premiered on 5th October 2013 on NHK Educational TV. The second season of this series premiered on 4th October 2014. Now, Log Horizon season 3 is all set to release very soon. Here we are going to discuss the expected cast, plot, and release date of Log Horizon season 3.


Expected plot


The plot of this series revolves around building a guild. The guild is known as Log Horizon. The protagonist of this series Shiroe builds up the guild with the help of his friend Akatuski and Nootsugu. They are building the guild to change the world.


Season 2 of this show portrays the fight of Shiroe as well as his fear to live in planet critters. Undoubtedly, Season 3 will start from where the season 2 end. So, we expect that Log Horizon season 3 will portray how Shiroe deals with unknown monsters and fight with them. Moreover, we will see Tenwazava as the leading monster. However, it is all our assumption. We don’t have any confirmed news regarding the exact plot of Log Horizon season 3.


Expected voice cast


Though there is no official confirmation regarding the voice actors, we hope to have the same from the previous seasons. We hope to have Takuma Terashima, Emiri Kato, and Tomoaki Maeno in the voice of Shiroe, Akatuski, and Nootsugu respectively. Also, we hope to have Matsui, Nayanta Daiki, etc.




Expected release date


Studio Deen officially renewed the third installment of the Japanese anime series Log Horizon. Like the previous season, it is scheduled to release in October 2020 in Japan. But, due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we hope to release Log Horizon season 3 in January 2021.