Fire Force Season 2 Ep 16: Premiere date and times worldwide

Fire Force Season 2 Updates: A Japanese manga series, originally called Erien no Shobotai that stands for ‘Blazing Fire Brigade’ when translated from Japanese and is developed and sketched by  Atsushi Okubo. Serialized in Shonen magazine since 2015, it was later issued for a television series adaptation. Taking it to the screen in July 2019 it lasted up till Dec 2019   followed by its next installment premiering shortly under a year in  July 2020 on Adult Swim.

Take a look at the storyline covered so far

Plot Of Fire Force Season 2

This science-fiction anime with genres like dark fantasy and supernatural adding more to its fun takes us unimaginable long back to the year 198 of the Solar Era in Tokyo set against the background of ‘The Great Disaster ‘.With most of the world flaring up while half of it already perishes whose survivors took refuge in the Tokyo empire, the safest place that remained more intact than any other.

Meanwhile a special situation, ‘Spontaneous Human Combustion’  comes into existence where human beings are turned into living infernos,’The Infernals’ who are fought off by  Company 8’s fire brigades namely ‘The Fire Force’.

fire force-

One of the many pyrokinetic youths joining the force is Shiners Kusakate, powered with the unwonted ability to ignite his feet at his will and he digs out the Companies (1to7)  contrivances in planting a’mysterious doomsday cult’ behind the infernal attacks that his connection to his mothers killing while the Company 8 stands in the way of the’ White Cloaks’ and their knights of ‘Ashen Flame’ seeking for recruitments like Shinra and his brother to instigate sourcing’ the Great Disaster’ for the second time.

When and where to stream its next episode of S2?

In spite of facing setbacks due to the overruling pandemic crisis, it has already been 15 episodes away from the 2nd season’s pilot and the series is turning up the heat more with each episode until it burns out.
The S2’s next episode is all set to arrive this Oct 16th on and free users can avail of it on Crunchyroll a week later.

Computing the time difference between zones, time slots of its premiere around the world are reflected in a chart below.(Note – The dates are aligned in accordance with Crunchyroll’s schedule and are  subject to change)

Pacific Time-10:55  A.M on Friday,16th
Central Time – 12:55 P.M .on the same date as above
Eastern Time -1:55 P.M. on the same date as above
British Time – 6:55 P.M. on the same date as above
German Time – 7:55 P.M on the same date as above
Moscow Time – 8:55 P.M. on the same date as above
India Time – 11:25 P.M .  on the same date as above
Korea Time- 2:55 P.M. on the same date as above
Australia Time- 4:25 A.M. on Oct 17th

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