Strike Witches season 3: Ending Explained & Everything we know so far

Strike Witches Season 3 Updates: The series is one of the fantastic anime series.  This manga series had won many of the people’s hearts and this light novel had also won higher ratings among the fan clubs. let us discuss a few storylines about this series.

This series takes during an alternate world war 11. Aliens called “Neuroi”  appeared from the sky, and this causes mass destruction and societal upheaval.  There is no other way to kill those monsters and there is only one chance to destroy these monsters. These monsters can be killed by some powerful witches and soldiers. Each witch has their different identities such as animal ears, unique magical abilities, and pants free dress code.

Strike Witches Season 3: Ending Explained

In this series, there was a female protagonist named Yoshika Miyafuji.  She was an average girl with some hidden talents. Yoshika had a magical ability to fight against the monsters and so she joined with some more witches.

One fine day, she received a letter that her father has died. Later Yoshika decided to join her on the voyage back to the 501st base. Another character emerges in this story named Mio, he reveals the truth to Yoshika that her father was the one who created the striker units witches use to fight the Neuroi.  He strongly believes that Yoshika will save the world by using her powers to protect the world.  Yoshika decided to save the world as she loves all of the people in the world.

There were so many interesting episodes in this series and it was loved by so many members. Yoshika with the other members of the 501st wing joined to destroy those monsters.  On the other hand, some of the witches lose their powers as they are aged. Mio suggests Yoshika fight against the monsters.  Finally, Yoshika saves Mio and also destroys the Neuroi. But, at a major cost: she loses her magic in the process.   The same series also had an anime movie version and it was completely different from others.

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