Outlander Season 5: Diana Gabaldon Shares problem with steamy Jamie and ClaireScene “No Passion”

Outlander Season 5 Updates: Season five of Outlander saw Claire (played by Caitriona Balfe) furious with Jamie (Sam Heughan) when he asked to use her wedding ring from late husband Frank Randall (Tobias Menzies) to gamble with.

Despite the pair arguing, they later enjoyed a tumble in a barn as they got out of their frustrations. However, the steamy scene didn’t go down too well with Diana Gabaldon as she opened up on why it didn’t work.

Fans will remember Jamie finds Claire in a barn petting a horse before going up to her and trying to break the tension.

However, he angers Claire even more and she slaps him before they make love in the hay.

The scene in the Starz series sees the raunchy moment take place in the light of day in the afternoon but the moment is very different in the novels.

Outlander Season 5: What  Diana Gabaldon Said?

Speaking about the sex scene and her issue with it, Diana detailed: “They were actually using the lines from the books, I can’t disagree about the writing.

Outlander Season 5
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“It was more what they had going on around that particular event because, and I don’t know how this got affected, they sort of framed it with this odd sort of jealousy between them.

“They had to get from where they were to a scene of white-hot passion in about five seconds which is a little hard to do and they didn’t do it for obvious reasons.

“In the publication book, it’s written completely different. He goes off to gamble with Claire’s ring and she’s furious but she knows what he’s doing.

“She falls asleep and a slightly later someone is playing with her feet in the dark where she is on a bed with a number of other girls.

Podcast host David Berry noted: “There was no room for context, they hit it rough, there was nothing there, no white-hot passion.”

Diana agreed to add that Claire and Jamie’s costumes were an issue too.

“They are both fully clothed in eighteen-century clothes so the words were ‘while I take you’ has a much smaller impact when it’s obvious he can get nowhere near her personal parts,” Diana laughed.

Outlander seasons 1 to 5 are available to watch & stream on Amazon Prime Video now.


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