Will Greenhouse Academy Return For Season 5? Read Everything here!

Greenhouse Academy season 5: There is a sad piece of news for the fans of Greenhouse Academy. If you have already watched Season 4 of the show, we know you must be waiting for season 5 of the popular series. However, the creator of Greenhouse Academy, Giora Chamizer, is busy with another project named Sky.

According to a few trusted sources, it is said that the show’s titular character is an alien girl who crashes her spaceship on Earth. Further, she undercovers herself as a teenager. She will pretend to be a mean and rude girl. However, that’s not her actual personality. Further, she will also find some nerds who will become her protectors. They also help her further in the story.

Greenhouse Academy: What did the showrunners say?

The showrunner of the show has said that the group of nerds will also have one love story. Initially, Sky will be pretending to have a crush on Jock. However, later she will end up falling for an even nerdier guy. Hence, she has to hide her feeling until she is rescued by other aliens.

As per a few reports, it is also said that the filming of Sky began in February 2020. Further, the showrunner also said that if the show becomes a smash hit in Israel, the show might be recreated internationally. Apart from these shows, Chamizer is also up for making certain other Israeli shows.

These include The Island (ran from 2007 to 2009), The Eight (premiered back in 2005), and Neighborhood (running from 2014 to 2018). Hence, it can be said that the showrunner is quite busy right now.

Giora Chamizer said that the Greenhouse Academy was the first big step towards the road to cherishing her dreams. It is hoped that Sky will also be loved by the viewers and it will become an international show. Giora also mentioned doing one international production and four are still on their way. this is what keeping the showrunner busy for the next decade.

Hence, we can infer that the Greenhouse Academy will return. However, it will take slightly longer than usual.

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