Boys Over Flowers: New character detail & Everything we know so far

Boys Over Flowers Updates: For fans of K-dramas, there is always a story of that first show that just draws you in. It’s the gateway to a brand new world of entertainment.

For many K-drama fans, this series tends to be Boys Over Flowers. Based on the Japanese manga of the same name, Boys follows a poor scholarship student at an elite high school Geum Jan-di, who catches the attention of the rich group of young men known as The leader & ruler of the F4 Gu Jun-Pyo originally dislikes her, but that differences over the course of the series.

The pair fall in love with each other while handling with Gu Jun-Pyo’s abusive mother, class differences, romantic rivals, and more. The Series Boys Over Flowers was tremendous in South Korea during its release and continues a pretty beloved series.

Boys Over Flowers Updates:

It also undertook the careers of the show’s actors into the stratosphere. One of those actors was Kim Hyun-Joong, who played Geum Jan-di’s crush & the grandson of the former president of South Korea. And if you’re dying to see more of his projects, then here are a couple of places to find Kim Hyun-Joong following Boys Over Flowers.

Like many in the K-drama industry, Kim Hyun-Joong has done some time in a K-pop group as well. He was part of the K-pop group SS501 from 2005 to 2010. But if you want to hear more of his music, then good news! Kim Hyun-Joong has been a relatively active solo artist since 2011. He has albums both in Korean and Japanese with a pretty sizable following. His music career, at this point, is more active than his acting career.

In 2020, Kim Hyung-Joon completed his Moon, Sun, and Your Song Japan tour. And his discography is pretty comprehensive as he’s released music regularly for years, barring his 21 months of mandatory military service. The show follows a group of people as they do different challenges from surviving on their own in a foreign country with no help from the crew to trying activities such as driving or cooking. It’s been described as a spin on other outdoor variety shows.

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