Dexter Limited Series: Is Michael C Hall the Killer in this?

Dexter Limited Series updates: The series “ Dexter” is one of the American crime drama and was loved by many of the Americans. This series is based on the genre of crime drama, psychological thriller, Mystery, dark comedy, and police procedural drama.  This series was developed by James Manos Jr. people are eagerly waiting to watch the next season as the last eight seasons become more popular among the film industry. Robert Lloyd Lewis, Timothy Schlattmann, Lauren Gussis, Scott Reynolds, Arika Lisanne Mittman, Drew Z. Greenberg, and Dennis Bishop are the producers of this series.

Dexter Limited Series: Plotline

The series “Dexter” is one of the best web TV series. This series had started in the year 2000.  Michael C. Hall played his role as Dexter Morgan and he was the leading role in this series. The entire series had won many of the people’s hearts as this series had won higher ratings among the fan clubs. In this series, there was a serial killer who murders bad people. The entire series focuses on the family members Rita, and his sister, Deb, a police officer. In the finale, Deb does surgery and from that situation, she losses her left brain dead.  Deb also suffers from a stroke and so she was really can’t withstand on her own.

On the other hand, Dexter drives his boat out to sea and he drops her body in the water. He also fakes his death in the storm. There is no complete sense in this story. After the finale, the producer Goldwyn revealed the news about this series.  In season 8, the production team has said that Dexter was alive.

Is Michael C Hall the Killer in Dexter Limited Series?

Michael C. Hall as Dexter (Season 6, episode 1) – Photo: Randy Tepper/Showtime – Photo ID: dexter_601_1435

In an interview with Deadline, Hall said that there was a huge production work going on for the next season and he also informed the fan clubs to be patient to watch this series. His role as Dexter becomes more familiar among the fan clubs and he will be back in this series.  The new Dexter story will reveal a better crime story for all of the audience.

I hope fans get satisfied by this information. Stay tuned to discover more information about this series.

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